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🍴👏 Congrats to UCA Illustration student Ben Moston @thatscribblingfoxy who was featured on the Britain episode of Grayson' Art Club on @Channel4! "My inspiration for the piece came from my own experiences within greasy spoons and London cafes and the cultural and humorous status that we brits project onto food and meals. Also whilst I've been in lockdown I've been missing going into these eating establishments so in response to the theme of Britain I recreated a section of that environment I've been cut off from. When I saw my video and cardboard full English appear on the episode my heart nearly jumped out my throat I was so shocked that he had chosen mine to be featured in the slideshow of people's submitted work and I'm still in utter amazement that I was actually on television!" Image courtesy of Ben @scribblingfoxy | BA Illustration, 2nd year, UCA Farnham #tagyourtalent #graysonartclub #weareuca #illustrationstudent #WeCreateTogether #artinisolation #theartofstayingathome #isolationcreation #makersgonnamake #makersmovement #artistcommunity #makerscommunity #makestuff

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