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Today’s feature are some stunning portraits by @stephzartz. . “I’ve been teaching myself how to illustrate for over 5 years and with practice, I’ve developed my own style, which I am extremely proud of! I love to focus on bringing out features that draw attention and use bold colours to capture the eye. It’s very important to me that within my artwork, I draw people that are different so it’s not just the same body shape etc. It’s important for me to draw all kinds of beauty and highlight this within my artwork. Sharing my art and seeing people love it brings me joy and makes me feel so happy as an artist! . Being a graphic design student has allowed me to expand my skills and develop my illustration taking what I’ve learnt on my course and applying it to my work! My years at UCA have made me grow so much as a creative and I’m proud to be a student at the uni.” . Images courtesy of Steph Binell | BA (hons) Graphic Design at UCA Epsom @ucaepsomgraphics . #weareuca #wecreate #illustration #createeveryday #makersgonnamake #graphicdesignstudent #illustrationinspiration #UCAEpsom

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