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We've seen Khadija Saye's photographs from 'Dwelling: in this space we breathe' shared widely this week, during the remembrance of the Grenfell Tower tragedy. . "Khadija was such a warm, generous woman with an infectious laugh. I can still hear that laugh, even now. When she first joined us, she was a little on the shy side, but she quickly found herself, forming strong friendships and gaining confidence in her work. . She began documenting life in Grenfell Tower as a student, capturing her tower block home on camera and pushing a deeper exploration of the themes of identity and belonging. The images on the news in the aftermath of the fire contained eerie echoes of her student work." - Natasha Caruana, Khadija's former UCA Photography lecturer. . You can read the full tribute and more about Khadija's work on the UCA blog. . Image courtesy of Khadija Saye, from 'Dwelling: in this space we breathe'| UCA Photography graduate

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