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🎨We're back with another #CreatorsAssemble brief! ✂️ Create a fun and memorable song, cartoon or graphic for children who are returning to school. Many primary school children are likely to be heading back to school soon, and when they do, their day may look quite different with to what they are used to, with new rules in place to make sure they wash their hands properly and more often, keep at least two metres away from children who aren’t in their class, and resist the urge to hug their friends. It would be easy for all this to get a bit scary and overwhelming, so we’d like you to create something that explains one of these new rules in a fun, positive way that will help kids remember what to do. It can be in any medium – a cartoon, a fun graphic, a rhyme, song, video – as long as it’s fun, memorable and reassuring. Need some inspiration? Look up the Baby Shark 20-second hand washing song, the @wwf_uk Animal social distancing graphics or @xtotl's alternatives to handshakes and hugs video. We can't wait to see what you come up with! Tag your work with @unicreativearts #creatorsassemble. #weareuca #socialdistancing #dailybrief #helpinyourcommunity #creativity #wecreate #wecreatetogether #creativeskills #creativebrief

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