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SAY THEIR NAMES (2020) | UCA Graphic Design graduate Drew Robinson (@621311drew)'s work SAY THEIR NAMES, showing names of Black Americans who have died as a result of police brutality, was featured on the front page of @ellohype. Drew: “I felt I had a sense of duty to be vocal about what's happening right now. I think it's important for us to do something during this, whether it’s sharing information, making something or going out to protest. I think what’s sad is that it can be easy to forget and almost become desensitize to people dying. To have my work featured on the front page of the website means the world to me. It just gives me that morale boost to feel like my work is actually good enough outside of University. I’m also really glad that out of all the pieces of work it’s the one with an important message.” Image courtesy of Drew Robinson | UCA Grahic Design Epsom

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