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📸UCA Rochester MA Fashion Photography graduate Jia Rui Tian shared their work as part of our Post Graduate Online Graduation show. Jai says: "For the work “Deep Sleep”, the original idea originated from thinking about the inner world view, a condensed memory. I extract the characters in the images as individual individuals. In terms of clothing and styling, the materials of yarn and nets are in sharp contrast with the towering and determined lines of the distant mountains, which strengthen the visual and impact and create a kind of empty inspiration. In the form and movement of the characters, the curves of the characters merge with nature, forming a sense of extension." "I try to express a sense of isolation, distance, and desire for freedom through my works. My creative inspiration comes from another self deep in my heart, immersed in endless dreams and fantasy. I combined the characters and nature to make the pictures have obvious emotions, narrative, and conceptual, and enhance the overall design sense of the pictures. Inner emotions are the subject of my photography. It is closely related to each carrier of life. The overall color and temperature of the work breed a peaceful but powerful force. The dialogue between man and nature evokes the enthusiasm of deep sleep in my heart." Full details: http://ow.ly/eSsD50BxP7r #WeareUCA #MakersofUCA #ucagrads2020 #UCAclassof2020 #photography