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Time to dust ourselves off, shake off the turmoil that was 2020 and face a new year with a renewed sense of purpose, drive and creative genius, or should we? 🤔 About now, you’re about to see an avalanche of articles coming at you talking about how 2021 is going to be so much better, that now is the best time ever to reinvent yourself, to get the perfect body, to get the perfect job or grades, to find love… that this year is the year you really should fulfil all those resolutions you set yourself after one too many Proseccos. We’re here to say: Don’t worry about any of that. If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that there’s been WAY too much expectation on us to live these “perfect” lives, full of unattainable things that really we don’t have the energy or emotional bandwidth to handle on top of all the pressures of daily life. In truth, going with the flow, valuing those nearest and dearest to us and making the best out of a crap situation has been the most important things, not the size of our waistlines or the designer label on our trainers. ✨ Read more: https://bit.ly/3oP3FjZ #WeareUCA #MakersofUCA #newyear #selflove #newyearsresolution #happynewyear #newyearnewyou #newyearnewme #wellness #goals #newyearsresolutions #motivation #resolutions #celebrate