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UCA Animation second-year students are helping raise cancer awareness among teenagers and young adults with their latest project. As part of a collaboration between UCA and Cancer Awareness for Teens & Twenties (CATTs), our animation students have created short information videos to help visitors to the CATTs website get advice in a light-hearted and simple way. This year, the students were challenged to create videos about checking for cancers in intimate areas and on the skin. From 12 submitted films, CATTs have chosen five which will soon feature on its website and social channels. Seren Hughes, Head of Engagement for CATTs, said the charity wanted authentic and fit-for-purpose content aimed for young people, and that it seemed natural to have young people create the content. She added: “Working with students at UCA has been a real joy over the last few years. It’s a partnership that has evolved since it began when CATTs was a volunteer organisation led by students." Read more: https://bit.ly/3w2xbGp #WeareUCA #MakersofUCA #Animation #illustration #design #art #motiongraphics #motiondesign #digitalart #motion #cartoon #animator #creative #artwork #film #cancer #cancerawareness