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Congratulations to UCA BA (Hons) Fashion Management and Marketing final year student Shelby Black for being shortlisted for the Graduate Fashion Week Fashion Marketing Award! Shelby said "My Final Major Project, Maia Collective, is a unique approach to mindfulness. It is a mental wellness app championing the transformative power of fashion, media, and community on emotional wellness, driven by technology and psychology. The app utilises machine learning to create a hyper-personalised and effective experience, curating daily fashion, music, and film recommendations to boost current moods, along with media discovery, community, and mood tracking." "Maia Collective is also more than just an app - it is a community, driving positive change with people as its purpose. As a brand, it aims to inspire personal growth and empower individuals, advocating for mental health awareness, diversity, and the creative industries." "The inspiration for Maia Collective arose through a search for better and more accessible mental wellness support that offered more than just meditation or journaling, with the UK in a mental health crisis, and over 92% of Gen Z and Millennials feeling anxious or stressed most of the time. I often noticed the transformative impacts that fashion, music, and film had on emotional wellbeing, and my app began to form by understanding this and hoping to tackle the lack of personalisation and efficacy within the mental wellness app market" "The Maia Collective app differentiates through authenticity, transparency, and trust, providing support when needed, helping users stay in control of their data and inspiring mindful consumption of fashion and media." "With community and people at the nucleus, the concept also involves an integrated marketing strategy that creates slower, sustainable, more mindful marketing that builds trust and community, rather than solely encouraging app downloads. It utilises social media, community relations and more to launch the app and building an empowering community." Find out more about FMM now called Fashion, Business and Management: https://bit.ly/2ThbpRi #WeareUCA #MakersofUCA #fashion #bafashion #TagYourTalent #GFW21 #wearegraduatefashion #art #creative #Marketing #Advertising #mentalhealth #mentalwellness #wellness #app #appdesign #fashionmanagement #management #branding #branddevelopment