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Pandemic (Digital Photography) by Timothy Veness is just one of the creative pieces displayed in our Out of Isolation exhibition. Timothy said "For the original surrealists, the aim was not simply to create strange, dream-like imagery. Surrealism took inspiration from the ideas of Sigmund Freud, who believed that the unconscious mind harboured repressed anxieties that were ‘hidden’ from the individual. With an interest in issues of mental health, I chose to adapt to these difficult times and developed a response that shares a relationship with this idea concerning repressed anxiety caused by the pandemic. In this series of photographs, I hope to create a sense of un-real/real narrative, inspired by aspects of the ‘Sand-Man’ (1817) concerning fragmentation of the body and castration, where metaphoric symbolism shall be used to describe how the Coronavirus has separated us and taken away our freedoms. Freud proposed the idea of ‘unheimliche’ (the uncanny), wherein the familiar is felt to be strange and discomforting. This concept has been a driving force within the work." Please note this exhibition is only open to internal UCA staff and students, but you can view an online catalogue here: https://bit.ly/34cx9zv #WeareUCA #MakersofUCA #OutofIsolation #ArtExhibition