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Can’t see your friends or family this Christmas? Or are you looking for alternative games’ fun away from the traditional Monopoly? Allow us to provide you with our 12 games of Christmas!🎮🎄 With COVID-19 restrictions still in place and the recommendation from public health officials that we shouldn’t play board games because of the risk of transmission – the lure of video games is bigger than ever. From the fun multi-player chaos of Fall Guys @fallguysgame to single-player options like The Last of Us II @thelastofusgame, there really is something for everyone. You can play on your mobile on a console, play alone or with family members, or gather online with friends around the UK and the world So, we asked our academics and technicians from our games courses to give us their top tips for the 12 best games to play this festive season. Read the whole blog: https://bit.ly/2KCUF2M #WeareUCA #MakersofUCA #gaming #gamer #videogames #game #ps4 #pcgaming #gamers #onlinegaming #videogameaddict #xboxone #xbox #gamerlife #playstation