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👜 UCA technical tutor in fashion, Valentina Elizabeth is our sole leather specialist. Having attended evening and day classes at a local adult education college, it was there that she learnt about Fashion and found her passion. She then embarked on a part time course for 3 years at London college of Fashion (UAL). Valentina learnt pattern cutting, draping on a stand but she says her love was making clothes as she really liked turning a flat piece of fabric into a garment. Valentina says “I am so passionate about what I do, I truly love this subject and the possibilities constructing garments offers you. It allows me to learn skills that I then can diversify into other parts of the fashion industry. The key for me is always reflecting back on your practice. I learnt to make leather bags which I absolutely love, and this allowed me to channel my skills with making leather garments. It also allowed me to develop a leather workshop which I am so proud of.” “What I love about UCA are the students and their creativity, I am inspired with what they bring to the table. I learn from students I truly believe you never stop learning. Their ideas allow me to reflect on my own practice constantly, up skilling myself with new skills and therefore I’m constantly researching new practices. I’m also inspired about what other technicians deliver across campuses there are some amazing technicians at UCA.” During Covid-19 Valentina spent her nights developing masks for the NHS and essential services. She has also gone on to design and create a mask for UCA students and staff. We asked Valentina for her advice for those thinking about a creative path and she said “What I would say to someone who wants to come into this creative world is to learn as much as you can, practice your craft. Learn to time manage, this is so important and will help you in your working life, priorities what is important. Attend exhibitions, watch past and present fashion shows, listen to podcasts and look at magazines. This is the one thing that I love as I like to keep in touch with new styles, silhouettes and colours. This will open you up to an amazing world of the Arts and it does not necessarily have to be your subject. There will be times that you will be scared as I have been many times but take that leap of faith. Have fun and enjoy your time, be your best self.” #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackLivesMatter #BlackHistory #BlackExcellence #BlackHistoryMonth2020 #WeareUCA #MakersofUCA