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UCA BA (Hons) Graphic Design graduate, Craig Maxwell @maxwellmakes spoke to us about his experience at UCA and how he found out he was dyslexic. Craig said “I had no idea I was dyslexic. I struggled in some areas in high school, such as with Maths, but I just put that down to me not having a passion for the subject,”. He continued “It was only when I had a crit with my tutor Sophie and she was reading through one of my essays, that she said: ‘Craig, I know you’re dyslexic, but we really need to work on your written work.’ “I said ‘What? But I’m not.’ So she set up a test for me and it turned out I have severe dyslexia. At the time, I did feel let down by the educational system — I couldn’t believe I’d had to get to degree level before it was spotted. “I look at it in a different way now, and it helps massively to just be aware of it — just knowing I need to make the time to double-check bits of work, or being able to explain that it might take me a little bit longer to do certain things. A lot of people think dyslexia is just bad spelling, but it’s a lot broader than that. When people say ‘you’re a bit stupid’, I tell them to go and say that to Richard Branson!” Amazingly this discovery, and the support he found at UCA, gave Craig the confidence and contacts he needed to dive straight into the working world. Read more: https://bit.ly/377YtRf #WeareUCA #MakersofUCA #graphicdesign #design #branding #creative #illustration #designer #graphicdesigner #graphic #designinspiration #graphics #graphicdesigncourse #dyslexia #learningdifferences #arts #learningdifficulties