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UCA Fashion, Media and Promotion graduate and British born Nigerian, Hannah Bamgbala, spoke to us about her experience at UCA, the inspiration behind her final project, and her aspirations for the future She said “When I had to start searching for university courses, I found it difficult finding a course at first that would let me express myself creatively, in a non-limiting way. I was blessed to come across UCA during my extensive search and during my first visit, I knew that UCA was the place for me. The environment was warm and friendly, and it felt like home. Home is what UCA became. I love the support that came from UCA from the start of my journey to the very end. I met and made amazing friends, who live both nationally and internationally and I am heavily grateful. The open doors that came from my course, welcomed us to meeting professionals in industry who blessed us with raw and helpful advice, during the course and for after too.” “My youngest sister Mercy inspired my (final) project. Mercy was born with Down Syndrome, and I remember growing up, but it never been spoken about around me. My parents didn’t seem ashamed but at the same time, they didn’t tell anyone, including family, and no one asked either. I wanted to use my project to do three things, 1: To create diversity awareness within the Down Syndrome organisations in the UK. Through extended research, I discovered a huge gap within the UK Down Syndrome groups, and it made me feel uneasy. This is because they didn’t provide safe spaces visually for people of other races to feel welcomed. 2: To reach out to the African community to show that our family members being born with disabilities isn’t something to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. They are amazing children who have many gifts and interests and shouldn’t be kept hidden away. The African community need to do more standing up and fighting for the rights of their children and also need to keep pushing to raise awareness. Finally, 3: To show children of other ethnicities and cultures, with disabilities, that they are loved and valued and that, if a child like them could do it, they can do it too, whatever that thing is. My project has taught me so much and opened my eyes to so many different things, but one thing I know for sure is Black Disabled Lives Matter!!!” Hannah’s project was nominated for 2 Graduate Fashion Week and was then recognised by the Down's Syndrome Association. All this has led to Blue Peter, CBBC reaching out to them to work on a show, which will help with Hannah’s mission to make sure everyone is represented in the media! We asked Hannah what advice she would give someone wanting to study a Fashion, Media and Promotion and she said “GO FOR IT. The course is three for the price of one and it equips you with the tools and skills to venture into a range of different creative fields. Be open minded and think outside of the box at all times. It may seem strange to say, but no idea is wrong, especially when well explained and supported with a lot of research. If you need help, don't be shy or scared to ask. The team is always there to help in any way they can. I loved studying Fashion, Media and Promotion, and I hope you do too.” Find out more about the course: https://www.uca.ac.uk/study/courses/ba-fashion-media-promotion/ #WeareUCA #MakersofUCA #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackLivesMatter #BlackHistory #BlackExcellence #BlackHistoryMonth2020