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Emily’s designs reach for the stars💫 When Emily Kelly graduated from UCA in 2016, the last place she expected to forge a career was in the space industry. Four years later, however, she’s the in-house Creative Designer for a British company sending satellites into the atmosphere. 🚀 Using her Graphic Communication (now Graphic Design) degree, Emily creates graphics across the company, from the main logo which features on the side of its rockets, to all its collateral marketing material and she was even involved in the redesign of the company’s staff café area. Emily said “On the course, I felt free to experiment across different media types which helped me hone my skills and understand what I might want to specialise in. I also learned a lot about the fundamentals of design and design theory. Having this mix of practical, contextual and theoretical teaching really laid the foundations to becoming an informed and well-rounded designer. She continued “I honestly loved my time at UCA. This is very much a cliché saying but I felt like a name and not a number. My course leader, lecturers and tutors all took the time to get to know me and my year group. They knew each of our strengths and worked hard to get the very best out of us. I made friends for life who are equally as passionate about design as I am and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know them.” To find out how Emily became involved in the space industry, and how her UCA degree has helped her reach her full potential read the full blog: https://bit.ly/2JSS1pD #WeareUCA #MakersofUCA #graphicdesign #design #branding #creative #illustration #designer #graphicdesigner #graphic #designinspiration #graphics #graphicdesigncourse #spacy #rockets #creative #creativity #getcreative