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UCA’s TV production students are right at the heart of a mini TV boom thanks to their base at Maidstone Studios. These are a hub for TV production in the south-east and home to a slew of new primetime programming, including the new series of This Time with Alan Partridge which returns to BBC One this Friday, 30 April at 9.30pm. The Covid lockdowns have led to a rise in our consumption of TV and producers and broadcasters are now racing to catch up and satisfy this ongoing demand. This has created some great hands-on experiences for our students. “I’ve actually had more opportunities since the lockdown,” said George Larman, a BA (Hons) TV Production student, “because there’s been such a flow of everything catching up again.” “I’m 19 years old but I’m working on one of the biggest shows on TV,” said Sophie Emmerson, also a TV Production undergraduate. “You get to be in the studio and you get that amazing atmosphere of working with people who are actually in the industry. I’ll never forget it.” Read more: https://www.uca.ac.uk/Blogs/TV-students-get-boost-from-production-boom/ #WeareUCA #MakersofUCA #artsandentertainment #tv #tvproduction #television #covid #tvproducer #BBC #tvseries #tvandradio #media #entertainment #film