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UCA 2021 graduate showcase #UCAgrads2021 🎓✨ BA (Hons) Animation 2021 graduate Izzy Argent’s final project was more personal than most – exploring and celebrating her own body image to inspire others to love theirs. Izzy had an open brief for her final project and chose to base the whole of her hand-drawn 2D animation film, called Changing Room, on her own experience. Izzy said “I’ve made films in the past that have explored subjects I’m interested in, but never anything I’ve actually been through. This time, I wanted to take things a step further and make something personal, something I would want to see myself, so I chose to make a film about body image and body positivity.” Her film shows a character who has, as Izzy describes, “hip dips, leg hair, saggy boobs and fat” who goes swimming. It’s inspired by Izzy’s own trip to the swimming pool after Covid restrictions were lifted and she could go again. “She’s a normal woman, or at least what the majority of women look like, as almost everyone has body hair and is above a size 6. I also wanted to have a character that people of a certain size could relate to and enjoy on-screen. The aim is to hopefully normalise these things, and to create a positive message that says you have the right to enjoy your life and the activities you pursue regardless of other people or your own insecurities.” Read more at uca.ac.uk/blogs #UCAgrads2021 #WeareUCA #MakersofUCA #gradshow #graduateshow #degreeshow #newtalent #showcase #graduate #Animation #illustration #design #art #motiongraphics #motiondesign #digitalart #motion #cartoon #animator #creative #artwork #film