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🌊UCA Farnham MA Ceramics graduate Stephen Bloom shared his work 'Temporal Rhythms' as part of the Online Post Graduate Graduation Show. His work explores the flux between water and the landmass through the sea’s tidal cycle ‘The Rule of Twelfths’. Stephen says ‘Temporal Rhythms’ is "a series of abstract ceramic sculptures that are the culmination of a study of the relationship between the seas tides and coastal landmass. A part of the project involved the development of a process to produce a graded coloured grog palette as in ‘Temporal Rhythms’ I, II and III. A second element of the project researched the development of a process using refractory plaster moulds to make components consisting of coloured grogs fused with transparent glaze as in ‘Temporal Rhythms’ IV." Continuing he says: "This is a project that will continue to develop in response to the ongoing research at the coastline that feeds into the technical processes and practice resulting in the finished sculptural works." See the full project: http://ow.ly/Z7tI50BxRzk #WeareUCA #MakersofUCA #ucagrads2020 #UCAclassof2020