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UCA BA (Hons) Fine Art student Hubbah Choudhry created these beautiful paintings called 'Try Humour'. We spoke to Hubbah about her inspiration and she said "During the second lockdown and Christmas holidays I did an awful lot of thinking about my identity as a brown artist and specifically how I feel engaging with an art world that is at times overwhelmingly white-centric. I decided to produce these self-portraits as a way of tackling the criticism my work has faced in the past - quite often I was told to include an element of humour so that the themes in my work would be more approachable for the audience. It is only recently that I realised that the audience I was trying to seem approachable to was a white Eurocentric audience. Therefore these paintings act as retaliation to this pressure I feel to make my artwork more palatable/relatable to the white audience; I’m trying humour on my own terms." Hubbahs first painting was featured in the Momentum virtual exhibition at The Holy Art gallery in February. This was a massive accomplishment for Hubbah, she said "I felt so amazed that my work had actually been chosen and it was a great accomplishment for me! At the root of my practice, I simply want to increase South Asian representation in the art industry and this is one step towards that." Discover Fine Art at UCA: https://bit.ly/372tOVi Instagram: @hubbah_art #WeareUCA #MakersofUCA #fineart #creative #illustration #art #artist #contemporaryart #artwork #painting #modernart #artoftheday #artsy #sketch #drawing #sketchbook #draw #UCAfarnhamart #ucafarnham