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🎞Congratulations to Johanna Sandgren, a UCA exchange student, who studied with the 2nd year Fashion Photography students at Rochester last autumn and has come second in the "TellUs Filmfestival" for a film she made whilst studying "Fashion Film" at UCA. 🎬Johanna says: "The film is called ”Hem” which means ”Home” in Swedish. It’s about how different people define the word home, and everyone I interview answered in their own native language. I made the film as a kind of help for myself because someone asked me what home meant to me and I couldn’t answer. That made me want to ask others about their thoughts, and in the end it did help me." The "TellUs Filmfestival" is arranged by Filmregion Sydost in Sweden. The second place award means that Johanna has also been nominated for the November Festival's selection class for a bigger national contest called ”Novemberfestivalen”. #WeareUCA #MakersofUCA #filmmaking #film #tellusfilmfestival #UCAexchangestudents