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✨ UCA Epsom BA (Hons) Graphic Design graduate, Craig Maxwell is now a designer and artist. Craig is making a name for himself creating quirky pop culture greetings cards and tour poster artwork for major music artists, like Anne-Marie and Little Mix. He attributes his success to the “life-changing” support he received during his course at UCA Epsom, where he learned for the first time that he was actually dyslexic. Craig said “My UCA experience was life-changing for me, not only academically but also personally. For the first time, I felt like I could really be myself, express who I was in an environment surrounded by like-minded individuals.” “The course itself put me outside my comfort zone. I took away increased confidence in myself and my design ability and developed a better idea of where I fitted into the design world. From doing presentations and receiving criticism to having group crits and working as a team, all aspects of the course really prepared me to step outside into the world of work, which can be really daunting." “The great thing was, once I graduated, I wasn’t just left to it. When I wanted to change jobs, I got in contact with one of my tutors and they put me in touch with an agency that ended up leading to employment. The tutors almost become like your peers, and there is mutual respect — they really want you to succeed.” Read the full blog: https://bit.ly/377YtRf Explore Craigs for at Maxwell Makes #WeareUCA #MakersofUCA #graphicdesign #design #branding #creative #illustration #designer #graphicdesigner #graphic #designinspiration #graphics #graphicdesigncourse #artist #art
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Designer and artist Craig Maxwell on how learning he was dyslexic set him up for career success.