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UCA 2021 graduate showcase #UCAgrads2021 🎓✨ UCA BA (Hons) Computer Games Arts 2021 graduate Oliwia Janczewska created 'The Grand Hall' for her final project! Oliwia said “The Grand Hall is a piece inspired by my love for the fantasy genre, but the initial idea was far different to the final project. At first, it was to be a moody, monochromatic piece based off World of Warcraft’s Suramar City. The direction shifted upon weeks of research into elven themes, and their initial inspiration – that is Art Nouveau. This art movement proved to be not only fascinating, but also full of images, ideas and real-life reference I could use instead of just basing it off elven themes. Another major influence was “The Lord of the Rings” – in particular Rivendell’s arches and pillars, as they are unique in their combination of height and lightness. Other, smaller influences were Gothic churches and Sci-Fi motives, the latter combined with crystals and gemstones. When it comes to the former, looking at the architecture, especially pillars helped me build a tall and believable space. When it comes to the Sci-fi motive, I decided to implement it to bring some variety in the theme and create a strong contrast." See more beautiful graduate work at gradshows.uca.ac.uk #UCAgrads2021 #WeareUCA #MakersofUCA #UniversityfortheCreativeArts #gradshow #graduateshow #degreeshow #newtalent #Gamesart #gamesartist #gameartwork #gamearts #gameartanddesign #gamesartstudent #gameart