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Head of UCA's School of Fashion, Professor Jules Dagonet, spoke to Refinery29, about the many benefits of digital fashion and how it is going to evolve to become an integral part of the industry. Professor Jules Dagonet said "Digital fashion has three applications: virtual fashion, e-commerce, and the digitalization of production,” she continued “[When] sustainability and digital fashion go hand-in-hand, and everyone wins. For the brands, it’s faster to produce and you’re producing garments only when a customer needs it. It's also better for the environment.” UCA's new MA Digital Fashion allows students to learn about these applications and enables them to learn how to create garments that are completely free from the material world, and how to fit them digitally to a client – whether that’s a model for a virtual catwalk, a social media influencer, a gaming avatar looking for a fashion edge or a bespoke costume for a movie character. Find out more about Digital Fashion at UCA: https://bit.ly/3sDLbVX https://r29.co/3sMe2GV #DigitalFashion #fashion #sustainabilitymatters #digitization #futureoffashion #fashiondesign #fashionsustainability #fashiondesigners #innovation Refinery29 UK Refinery29 Beauty
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Could clothing become entirely digital? If so, would this be a win for the sustainable fashion movement?