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Congratulations to UCA BA (Hons) Graphic Design first-year student, Yasser Sad, for being one of the runners up in the National Festival of Making Live Brief Competition!!!👏👏👏 Yasser said "As I have always been interested in puzzles and riddles, I wanted to provide the audience with an artful brain teaser that they can physically and mentally interact with. This brain teaser will help stimulate an interactor's cognitive and focus abilities whilst also providing them with the opportunity to practice their drawing skill of geometric shapes. The challenge is to draw one of the complex geometric shapes without taking the pencil off the paper, without crossing a line and without retracing back over a line. My inspiration drew from Harry Houdini who occasionally set difficult, but possible challenges for his audience to draw geometric shapes whilst following rules that mustn't be broken. My success in this competition makes me proud of my social ability and creativity to entertain other people through art and design." The brief was designed to empower students to become #futuremakers and to support #Skills development across #CreativeSkills and #BusinessSkills. The Runners Up will receive a masterclass from The Festival of Making directors for themselves and their course members. Read more: https://bit.ly/3vlEW9V #WeareUCA #MakersofUCA #graphicdesign #design #branding #creative #illustration #designer #graphicdesigner #graphic #designinspiration #graphics #graphicdesigncourse #getcreative #puzzle #brainteaser #cognitivechallenge