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🌈UCA Farnham MA Textiles graduate Kellie Titchener spoke to us about her project 'What makes you happy?'. Kellie says "My MA project was inspired by my role working in a charity for adults with disabilities, and my project demonstrates the integration between this and my practice. The charity hosts a creative arts and textiles department, where I get to experience first-hand how arts benefits their daily lives. Working with them closely, I really started to notice how I could understand the person more through the things they made. I realised that my skills would be instrumental to helping support these people towards independence. " She continued "Lockdown completely changed the image of how my practice was supposed to look, but we rose to the challenge. It was essential now more than ever to communicate with people, and arts was a great outlet for their creativity and time. The jumper project came out of need for something to do to boost our spirits. And it was the best way to communicate with people while they were isolating. It was enjoyable to see the responses return!" Kellies hope is that this work will improve the esteem of disabled adults – by highlighting how, at least in terms of what makes them happy, they’re similar to everyone else. View Kellies full project: http://ow.ly/LkeM50By01H #WeareUCA #MakersofUCA The Grange at Bookham