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Anna Stevens (Mulier D. Stultai) s the second UCA BA (Hons) Fine Art student who has had her work featured in The Holy Art 'Genesis' Virtual Exhibition. Uniquely her piece is an experimental short film, which uses a fictional character, Meat Head, to highlight the body's fleshiness and bring the audience into the characters' comical, disconcerting, and surreal world, which acts as a warped (yet truthful) reflection of reality. He is a tool used to push societal boundaries that repress carnal hunger and grotesque bodily excessiveness, with his disconcerting obsession with gorging on food. He appears both familiarly human and meatily alien with his comically large 'meat head,' embodying our physical meatiness while also referencing the term in relation to idiocy, serving as both a reminder to our corporeal reality and as a comic relief character. By combining opposing television genres (children's TV and horror), the audience is lured into a false sense of security, a horror-comedy, displaying the monotonous existence of the character (which is very like our own), while contrasting it to his absurd, horrific, but most of all liberating, eating sessions. Find out more about studying Fine Art at UCA: https://bit.ly/372tOVi Instagram: @mulier_d_stulta #WeareUCA #MakersofUCA #fineart #creative #illustration #art #artist #contemporaryart #artwork #painting #modernart #artoftheday #artsy #sketch #drawing #sketchbook #draw #UCAcanterbury #ucacanterburyfineart
'A Day in the Life of Mr Meat Head' by Anna Stevens bit.ly