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UCA’s School of Fine Art, Photography and Visual Communication reader in philosophy and design, Dr James Trafford, has written a new book called 'Empire at Home’! Using examples including housing segregation, targeted surveillance and counter-insurgency techniques used in the fight against terrorism, Trafford reveals Britain's internal colonialism to be a reactive mechanism to retain British sovereignty. As politics appears limited by nationalism and protectionism, 'Empire at Home' issues a powerful challenge to contemporary politics, demanding that Britain as an imperial structure must end. Dr Trafford develops the notion of internal colonies and discusses the re-making of neo-colonial Britain as a fantasy ethnostate through its network of immigration detention centres. #WeareUCA #MakersofUCA #EmpireatHome #segregation #surveillance #terrorism #politics #british #immigration #history #education #civilrights #integration #uk #britishhistory
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Modern Britain is forged through the redeployment of structures that facilitated and legitimised slavery, exploitation and extermination. This is the 'empire...