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UCA 2021 graduate showcase #UCAgrads2021 🎓✨ LAZE by Campbell Hoinville, BA (Hons) Fashion Management & Marketing graduate 2021, is a final project. Campbell said "What inspired my final major project, LAZE, were multiple factors such as building a brand that was innovative, created with purpose and designed with comfort in mind. LAZE explores the relationship of living in a lockdown era of Covid and craving sensorial moments that remind you of nature. I wanted to explore the power of scent and aromatherapy and how scent is a powerful catalyst to trigger feelings of calm and serenity. I decided to use textiles as aromatherapy to create an immersive experience to reconnect feelings of calm and nostalgia with consumers. LAZE also looks into natural laundry detergents, mists, and sprays to highlight the importance of finding emotional wellbeing in routine. All products are infused with a range of various essential oils to heighten the at home experience and to appeal to homebodies. LAZE also allowed me to utilize different media sources and collaborate and connect with nature. I created a product branding video that encapsulated the brand as a whole and acted as a mood and trend video of sorts. I wanted to capture the mood of the company, the branding, and the essence of LAZE. Each piece in the collection reinforces people’s feelings of calm and further builds upon the ideas of memories and feelings being triggered by scent." Explore more work by UCA graduates here: gradshows.uca.ac.uk Instagram: @campbellfmm #WeareUCA #MakersofUCA #BusinessSchool #entrepreneurship #business #mba #businessprogram #career #education #careeropportunities #advertising #management #marketing #publishing #digitalmedia #events #promotion#fashion #communication #creativebusiness @ucabschool