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It's Black History Month and we will be celebrating all of our amazing Black students, staff and alumni! ✊🏿 UCA Fashion Promotion and Imaging graduate Cassidy Moses now works at the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) in Washington, DC. Virginia-born with Jamaican heritage, Cassidy came to the UK to study after being inspired by a copy of i-D magazine. She’d never even left the USA before coming to the Epsom campus, but after finding American courses to be too general, she found UCA to offer just the kind of learning environment her creative mind needed. “In America, you have to take all of these core classes like maths, history, science, etc, alongside your chosen course. But at UCA, all I had to focus on was my creative course and theory, which turned out to be the most enlightening type of study I’ve ever been exposed to,” she says. “It probably had something to do with our incredible tutor, Lynda Fitzwater. We had in depth discussions about theories around sub-cultures, representation, the environment and so much more. Those conversations gave me a firm ground to build my creative ambitions. I felt empowered to express myself through our assignments.” After she graduated, Cassidy worked with prolific cultural artist Tim Okamura as an office manager, having undertaken a work placement with him during her studies. “My course drew me towards working for people and organizations that are passionate about bringing art to more people,” she said. “Tim’s paintings represent those who aren’t usually seen in the fine art world, and carry messages of love, peace, and equality. “While I was studying at UCA, we were encouraged to go to exhibitions regularly, and that exposure had a huge impact on me. I felt connected to artists through their work and had the opportunity to learn more about them through museum programs like talks and screenings. I decided I wanted to be a part of providing that inspiration for others.” Read more about Cassidy here: https://bit.ly/3l2Js8p #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackLivesMatter #BlackHistory #BlackExcellence #BlackHistoryMonth2020 #WeareUCA #MakersofUCA