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So far, Games, Animation, Film & TV and Art & Photography have made it to our #WorldCupofCreators quarter finals. Today, Fashion takes on Art & Photography again. Who do you want to see go through. Image credits: Yirong Li, MA Fashion Design & Mariana Aoki, MA Fine Art.

Who would you like to see in the Quarter finals?

Do Craft or Animation have what it takes to make it all way in our #WorldCupofCreators? We’ll let you decide. Image credits: Amber Munson, BA Animation and Taylor Shaw, MA Ceramics

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When Film & TV meets the Performing Arts. The Grand Budapest Hotel meets the Rocket Man. Let us know who you think should go through to the next round of our #WorldCupofCreators

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It's time for the second match-up of the day. Group B’s Dame Zandra Rhodes will take on Group A’s Van Gogh. Only one can come out on top, who will that be? #WorldCupofCreators

Gaming giant Nintendo topped their group, but can they go all the way against Architect, Norman Foster in the #WorldCupofCreators? You decide!