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🧡 this peek at @veronkart’s sketchbook drawings ✍️ • ‘I remember I bought my first sketchbook in 2014 in Vienna. I never went to an art school before coming to uni, I was more of an I-draw-in-my-school-notebooks-during-classes kind of a person, so I never really thought about picking up a sketchbook. my obsession with them started after I came across sketchbook tours on YouTube which I fell in love with. I never finished that thick A4 one from Vienna. my first fully-filled one was a black moleskine A5 sketchbook and I can remember the joy I felt after finishing the last page. now I'm a sketchbook maniac, I'm a fan of white A5 'talens art creation' ones, and I always have to put a (preferably round) sticker on the cover before the first sketch.’ #WeAreUCA

Uni for the Creative Arts (@unicreativearts) posted on Instagram