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2/4 Join us on Thursday 11 February, 12:00-13:00 GMT to discover images using VADS. The webinar will be 30 minutes long with a Q&A afterwards. This webinar will introduce the relaunched VADS website and how to use it to find images for your study, teaching, or research.

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4/4 UCA VC Bashir Makhoul firmly believes that "Many small institutions will be on their knees as a result of this pandemic, and without the right package of support they will soon cease to exist." https://t.co/a7o0Olu5Ye #education #creativearts #arts #UKGovernment

3/4 He continued: "The creative sector contributes £111.7 billion per year to the economy and accounts for 1 in 11 jobs. Cutting funding for creative subjects as we enter a recession is a ludicrous act of economic self-harm." https://t.co/a7o0Olu5Ye

2/4 Prof. Makhoul said: "This strategically short-sighted announcement will likely lead to a shrinkage in creative provision, at a time when the sector is already reeling from the Government’s shambolic handling of the covid crisis." https://t.co/a7o0Olu5Ye