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I had always been creative and knew I wanted to combine that with other skills & interests. A creative Uni and degree was the perfect choice. I wanted to do something that allowed me to be creative every day. https://t.co/QvW9sIUvCz

.@Zandra_Rhodes' studio are looking for a size 8, 5ft 9+ fit model for a fitting with a top British fashion retailer on Monday 20th. A great opportunity to see behind the scenes of the fashion industry, expenses paid! Email info@zandrarhodes.com 📢 https://t.co/6nHIlZPxJ9

Creativity can take you where ever you want to go 💥 Start your journey this September: https://t.co/x3DS4YBRup #MondayMotivation #Clearing #Clearing2018 #HelloUCA

Applying to university is exciting but can also be nerve-wracking. Deciding on things like where to apply and what course to choose can seem…  Read more

What do you want to know about the application and #clearing process? Emma and Amber are taking questions on Instagram Stories ready for our Facebook UCAlive tonight at 6pm 👋 #Clearing2018 #ResultsDay2018 #ALevelResults

Passion to create things we love and to share the experience with the ones around us; this motivated us to enter the creative industry - how about you? What is your passion going to be? ♥ https://t.co/8up5zILCLy

It may seem daunting, but #Clearing is not half as scary as you think! Follow these simple points and you'll be celebrating Freshers in no time 🎉 #ALevelsResultsDay #Clearing2018 https://t.co/pVLoaanwL2

Congratulations to DFSA graduates Billie, Katherine and Sugini whose Y2 dancefilm Avoidance has been selected for https://t.co/YvQ7HGx7Cw @onedanceuk @UniCreativeArts #dfsacourse https://t.co/55czzX3obe

Wouldn’t be able to explore all the amazing creative outlets with FRUITCAKE and the LGBTQIA+ community without my support from @FMMuca !! Amazing article on the importance of creative degrees 🌈 https://t.co/XYe8yiOKxV